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Showing posts with label Urdu Softwares(اردو سافٹویر). Show all posts
Showing posts with label Urdu Softwares(اردو سافٹویر). Show all posts

Adobe Photoshop Quick Guide In Urdu PDF

Learn Adobe Photoshop Urdu Tutorial PDF ایڈوبی فوٹوشاپ کوئیک گائیڈ Adobe Photos...

Urdu Nigar Unicode Version Urdu Text Editor / WordProcessor

اردونگار یونیکوڈ کمپیوٹر سافٹویر Urdu Nigar Unicode includes accomplishing of Unicode t...

Pak Urdu Installer Software Free Download

پاک اردو انسٹالر To actuate Urdu accent abutment in windows XP, We accept to charge wi...

Punjabi, Seraiki, Sindhi ,Balochi & Urdu Keyboard Layouts

If you adopt QWERTY keyboard for accounting English, application these keyboards, you can a...

Inpage for Pashto, Sindhi, Arabic,Farsi,Kashmiri and English Languages

2.92 ان پیج  Inpage Version 2.92 Easily Write Pashto, Sindhi, Arabic, Farsi, Kashmiri a...

Hindi to Urdu Transliterator

1. The activity is focused about mapping Hindi characters to their apropos Urdu characters...

Urdu Encyclopedia for Windows and Linux

اردو  انسائیکلوپیڈیا   The upgraded and progressed 'Urdu Software Tools CD' is a si...

Urdu Reader 7.6

Urdu Reader is a free programming. It permits the Urdu records to be perused uninhibitedly on ...

Inpage Xp 2004 V 3.0

Win Ra r file Download

Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout

PDF File Download OR View Online

Urdu Transliteration Tool

Transliteration Tool (For Windows) Supports Transliteration from Hindi to Urdu and Punjabi t...

Urdu Editor software

Free Demo Urdu Editor 9.0 Download

NASHIR - Word Processor / Publishing Software


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