Secretarial Training Course And Guide Urdu Book Download

Tarbiyyat e Mutamidi (Office Secretary) by Noor Ahmed Shad

تربیت معتمدی

 نور احمد شاد 

Secretarial Training Course And Guide Urdu Book Download

Free read online or download Tarbiyyat e Mutamidi Secretarial Training Urdu Book written by Noor Ahmed Shad and Review by Irfan Ahmed Imtiaz available in PDF format. office work learning Guide and Training book relating to the work of a secretary, someone who works in an office, making telephone calls, writing letters and arranging meetings for a person or for an organization, now download complete training Urdu book total 504 pages and file size 23 MB.

Tarbiyyat e Mutamidi by Noor Ahmed Shad


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  1. Few years ago I am starting reading Urdu books, and I liked these very muc because these are informative and a good source of knowledge. Please share the link to download ebooks free
    in Urdu.