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Learning Music Book in Urdu by Khalid Malik Haider

Singing Lessons First Music Book in Urdu Free Download

موسیقی کی پہلی کتاب 

خالد ملک حیدر

Learning Music Book in Urdu by by Khalid Malik Hyder

Musqee ki Pehli Kitaab Learn Music with midi lessons and On screen Piano. Free download or read online music lessons and Tutorial book Urdu Mausiqi ki Pehli Kitab (First Music Course Book) by Khalid Malik Haider. Book of intense craftsmen and artists who are devoted to helping understudies learn a method for expression for entertainment only and intuitive ways. Get free Pdf copy music learning Urdu Basic guide and tutorial book, drum lessons with exercises sur and Taal navesi Balochi, Sindhi, Pashto, Potwari and Punjabi lock Dhun, also read about Raag, Taat, Melody, lok nagme, Mili Nagmy, Musical Design, Saaz and Cord System in your local language. total 82 pages and file size 8.9 MB only.

Singing Lessons First Music Book in Urdu Free Download


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ڈاؤن لوڈ لنک خراب ھیں ۔ پلیز درست کردیں

Muhammad Iqbal said...

Try Download link 2

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