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Islami Tehrik Drpaish Challenges by Khurshid Ahmad

Khursheed Ahmed Islamic Urdu Book 

اسلامی تحریک در پیش چیلنج

پروفیسرخورشید احمد

Islami Tehreek Drpaish Challenges by Khursheed Ahmed

Free download Islamic book in Urdu Islami Tehrik Drpaish Challenges written by Pro Khurshid Ahmad, Read today current challenges of Islamic Movements and main challenges facing Islamic Tehrik in recent history in Urdu. Khurshīd Ahmad is a Pakistani business analyst and Islamic lobbyist who earned notoriety in his spearheading advancement of Islamic financial statute as a scholarly standard.  A member of Jamat e Islami Pakistan, A senior and known traditionalist figure, he has been a long-standing individual from the Jamaat-e-Islami. Now download a book in PDF format long as 100 pages and file size 6.8 MB only.

Khursheed Ahmed Islamic Movements Urdu Book

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