Asman Roshan Hai Urdu Novel by Krishan Chander

Krishan Chander Novel Asman Roshan Hai PDF

آسمان روشن ہے 

کرشن چندر

Krishan Chander Novel Asman Roshan Hai PDF

Get PDF soft copy novel Asman Roshan Hai author by Krishan Chander, was a Urdu/Hindi author of short stories and books. He additionally dealt with English.He was a productive essayist, penning more than 20 books, 30 accumulations of short stories and scores of radio plays in Urdu and later, after the parcel of the nation, took to composing for the most part in Hindi. He additionally composed screenplays for Bollywood films to supplement his small wage as a creator of ironical stories. Krishan Chander's books have been converted into more than 16 Indian dialects and some outside dialects, including in the English. Now download in the Urdu language total PDF file size 8.9 MB with 95 pages.

Krishan Chander Novel Asman Roshan Hai PDF



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