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Ghulami Aur Nasal Parasti by Dr Mubarak Ali PDF

 Slavery and Racism History Urdu Book PDF

غلامی اور نسل پرستی  

ڈاکٹر مبارک علی

This history Urdu book about Ghulami Aur Nasal Parasti Slavery and Racism written by Doctor Mubarak Ali available in PDF format for free download study on the internet. Urdu history information about Slavery and Racism, Mubarak Ali is a historian and activist from Pakistan.He has written a quantity of many books and articles on Indo-Pakistani historical past and has been greatly acclaimed as an anti-establishment thinker and historian.A brief history of racism Slavery and Racism read in the Urdu language. Toal pages are 112 and pdf size 8.6MB.

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