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Zaicha e Taqdeer Qismat Ka Hal Urdu Book

Mafatih al-Ghaib Ilam e Najoom Book in Urdu 

زائچہ تقدیر 

مولانا مقبول احمد

Ilam e Najoom Zahicha e Taqdeer

Zaicha e Taqdeer the Urdu Translation book of Miftaah ul Ghaib by Maulana Maqbool Ahmed. Apne Qismat ka hal janeeye is Kitab main.This complete is life Story and Horoscope with Maps (Shakal) and Diagrams book in Urdu with the example, read about Astrology (ilam e Najum or ilam e Najom) in a local language. Aik mukammal Ilam e najum ki Kitab. Falnama or ilm e zaicha ,  translation of  Mafateeul Gaib by Maulana Maqbool.Kismat, Muqadar, Naseeb, Kya hy Aap ke.

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