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Telepathy Practical Training Book in Urdu

Telepathy K Amli Tareeqe by Waqar Aziz

ٹیلی پیتھی کے عملی طریقے 

وقار عزیز

Telepathy K Amli Tareeqe by waqar Aziz

Telepathy Practical Urdu course book in pdf written by W E Bitler and Urdu translation by Waqar Aziz. Aik betreen Amli Kitab Muft methods (download) karian.Total 7 chapter of this book,A expert book guide to student. Some following content is in this literature.

  • My experience book
  • what is telepathy
  • the popularity of telepathy
  • crime 
  • methode and Technique
  • how send information and receive
  • you are learn telepathy
  • through hypnotism 
  • Thinking (Sochna ya Khyal kerna)
  • Bad rohon ka asar 
  • Nafsi Qowat ka Karishma

Study more download complete book or reading online,total 94 pages and pdf file size is 9.5mb.

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