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Sindhi Urdu Bol Chal Grammar Book PDF

Learn Sindhi in Urdu Course Book

سندھی اردو بول چال

Sindhi Urdu Bol Chal Grammer Book PDF

Aeye Sindhi Sekheen, Get and Speak Sindhi language grammar and learning basics step by step tutorial in easy Urdu by Dr. Famida Husain, and read about the history of Sindhi language, This literature help the Sindhi and Urdu student who want Speak Sindh local language. Grammer Tutorial and training pdf book for all Pakistani teacher and student for free download or read online. find more about learning the basic Sindhi language, the alphabet, pronounce, huroof e teji, Vocabulary, consonant, noun and pronoun, adjective, prepositions, post position, etc total 217 page and pdf size 11MB.

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