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Dil e Abad by Rifat Siraj Urdu Novel Compelet PDF

Romantic Urdu Novel Dil e Abad by Rifat Siraj

دل آباد 

  رفعت سراج

Get one other long fiction story in undeniable Urdu language. "Dil-e-Abad" is the title of this Urdu novel which is wittered via Ms. Rifat Siraj.Dil-e-Abad is lengthy Urdu social and romantic story released in two specific ingredients. It is a high-quality Urdu fiction and you are going to find each sort of feelings, love, social relations, a spirit in this lengthy Urdu novel Dil-e-Abad. Ms. Rifat Siraj is, without the doubt, one of the most preferred female Urdu novelists in Pakistan. Rifat Siraj has authored quite a few Urdu studies, released in one of a kind Urdu novels, Urdu magazines, and Urdu digests. 

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