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Tasveer Aik Fitna by Umm e Muneeb PDF

Free Download Tasweer Aik Fita in Urdu

تصویر ایک فتنہ

ام عبد منیب

Tasveer Aik Fitna by Umm e Muneeb PDF

Islamic Urdu Pdf book "Tasweer aik fitna" (Pugnacities and temptation) written by  Umme Abd Muneeb. An  Islamic information pdf literature, read in this book about image, Picture or Photo ,Effects and the side effect of Photo in our society social harmful or negative use of a picture. Read Islamic point of view, very interesting knowledge in the Urdu language for all, study online and download pdf for offline reading. total pages 115 of 3.8MB file size. 

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