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Secrets of The Ghost (Jinn) and Magic in Urdu Book

Jinno aur Jadu k Sarbasta Raz PDF book

جنات اور جادو کے سربستہ راز 

عبید اللہ طارق ڈار

Secrets of The Ghost and Magic in Urdu Book

The Secrets of magic and ghosts Free download pdf book Jinoon aur Jadu k Sarbasta Raz the fifth edition was written by Ubaidullah Tariq Dar, Rohani Wazahif k zarye apna ilaj khud karian, and with interviews of Rohani Muhalijeen. Read about Amliyat ki Dunya and treatment through amaleyat, Nazar e bad se bachane wale Quran wazeefy.An interesting complete Rohani book in the Urdu language.black magic information e-books. 273 pages and pdf size are 5mb only.

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