Urdu in Arabic Script Romanization Table PDF Download

Free download Urdu in Arabic Script learning

Urdu in Arabic Script Romanization Table PDF Download

Download PDF Urdu in Arabic Script Romanization table, Letters of Alphabet, Digraphs Representing Urdu Aspirates, Urdu Vowels and Diphthongs, For the use of I (alif) to support Hamazah and Maddah see rules. Rules of Application, letters which may be romanized in Different ways depending on their context, To represent the diphthong romanized ai.Romanization of Orthographic Symbols Other Than Letters and Vowel Signs, Urdu Romanization as Affected by Grammatical Structure, Rules for the capitalization of English are followed, except that the Arabic article al is lowercased in all positions.Learn more download complete document in PDF or read on this web page.



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