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Unani and Herbal Medicine Education and History Book in Urdu

Ilamul Adviya Unani aur Hikmat Dawasazi PDF Download

علم الادویہ یونانی دواسازی

 محمد مستان علی 

Unani and Herbal Medicine Education Book in Urdu

"Ilamul Adviya Unani Dawasazi" by Mohammad Mastan Ali, A Complete History of Tibb e Unani Remedies and Herbal Medicine Book in Urdu, Unani and herbal Remidease and medicine name meaning dictionary and Encyclopedia, How to make Unani and herb medicine in history, Old and New Modern method or technique Use in Herbal and Unani product industry, Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Unani and herbal (Hikmat) medicine (dawa) in Urdu. This very important book for Hikmat and Herb student who want to study for herb Hikmat tibbi and Unani history. Unani dawa se ilaj, types, name and Usage of Unani and herbal remedies treatment for the deferent human disease, Tool, and Machine use in Unani an herbal industry for making and packing of the product. Some tools are Micro Pulveriser ,Grinding hand Machine, Granulator Machine (vertical), Mixer Machine, Oven for every heating application baking curing and drying, Tablet machine for slugging and multiple Punches, Paste Liquid Mixer, Tablet coating pan, Tablet Hardness tester, Hand refractometer (sucrometer), Read more download Unani PDF book copy or read online.

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