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Computing August 2012 Monthly Magazine Free Download

Computer Technology Urdu Monthly Magazine PDF

کمپوٹنگ میگزین اگست 2012

Computer Technology Urdu Monthly Magazine PDF

Free download Computer technology Urdu Monthly Magazine Computing August 2012, Read in this Magazine: Internet or web information News and tips guide, It news in Urdu, Window 7 tips and trick in Urdu, Star menu, and taskbar Secrets, Microsoft office 2010 tutorial and tips, Earn money on the internet with Adsense and other websites, Learn about Morphing in Urdu, tutorial, and tips Morphing User, what is Jailbreak learn and information, PC requirements for windows 8, Urdu Article on Wonderful and best informative websites,Useful Tool Download from the internet world, A tutorial for Adobe Alstraiter CS6 in Urdu, Introduction and history of Google Android in Urdu, Read Learn Web developing language PHP in Urdu, history of PHP, installation guide of PHP language, Window server 2012, Windows 8 Installation Guide Urdu, Free (Muft) FTP clients, Rate of deferent PC hardware tool in 2012, Computing Pedia computer and web problems. read more download complete file in pdf file size 9.5MB.

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