A-Z English Grammar Notes For MCAT, ECAT, FSC and ICS

English Grammer Notes by Professor Pervez Ghafoor 

English Grammer Notes by Professor Pervez Ghafoor

A -Z English Grammer notes for MCAT, ECAT, FSC and ICS by Professor Pervez Ghafoor Punjab Collage of Science Faisalabad.Best for entry test. Indefinite Articles (A , An) Indefinite is a negative word. They are used before countable nouns.The words in English which start from “Alif/Aiin” in Urdu, they must have a definite use of “an” before them.Use of Personal Pronouns, No use of 'The' before nouns, Cases of Pronoun, Kinds of Verbs, Types of Adverb, Part of speech, noun and pronoun.Download now and read online pdf file easily.



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