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History Of Silsala Chishtia Nizamia Sufi Orders

تاریخ مشائخ چشت

 پروفیسرخالق احمد نظامی

History Of Silsala Chishtia Nizamia Sufi Order

The Chistiya Silsila is likely one of the most general and influential Sufi orders.The History Urdu book of Silsala Chishtia Nizamia "Tariq e Mashaiq Chist" written by Pr.Khaliq Ahmed Nizami, this is a 5th Edition, include The history of India-Pakistan (Hindustan) before 1947.Political Civilization and Social history of Muslim Sofi in Asia Hindustan.Releguis life history of Muslim in India before, During and after the partition.Brief Discussion life of Indian Muslim in history.

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