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Drip Irrigation Technical Guide PDF Book in Urdu and English

Free Download Drip irrigation Technical Guide Book 

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Drip irrigation Technical Guide PDF Book

This is a Drip irrigation Technical guide PDF Book in Urdu and English Languages, Modern Irrigation Technology and Practices. authors Chaudhary Mohammad Ashraf Director General and Hafiz Qaiser Yasin Assistant Director (Tech) of Water management Punjab.In this booklet subject are Irrigation scheduling by Soil Moisture Measurement, Time Domain Reflectomemter, ECHO soil moisture and meters,Tensiometers, Soil Moisture Sensors, Electrical Resistance Blocks, Usage of Almometers, Advance types of Irrigation Systems, Drip and Sprinkler System, Bed and Furrow, Geted Pipe, Syphon Tubes, Pipe Nacca. Also find Punjab Water Budget Chart 2015 and water managment activities.Laser Land Leveling, Watercourse improvement, Soler Pump, Hydro Flume irrigation and Flexible Pipe irrigation.Read more download Urdu booklet or read on this blog.

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