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Body Builder Exercise Trainning Giude Urdu Book

باڈی بلڈر بنیے

Body Builder Exercise Trainning Giude

Another Body Builder Baniye Training course PDF book with pictures   in the Urdu language. A Complete exercise Guide Urdu book for the strong body. in this book find,body building tutorials, Make your body healthy and muscles building rules, Diagram of Human body muscles, Benefit of vitamins and proteins in muscles, Foods for bodybuilders,chest structure and length,Some words for star body builders, major muscles exercises,shoulder workout, leg workout exercise,Stomach and Back workout, Arm and Chest workout, chest exercise guideline. Exercise training without any tools, Tips, and tricks for exercise and control your body with practice, the different type of exercise, tools for exercise.Free download or read online. 


Adison Wilson said...

maine ye sari books perh li hen.......
Seems like an awesome alternative for those who don't want animal protein

Jenny Hayes said...

Keep up posting such great information; I am glad from this provided piece of information. Thanks http://peaksynergyfitness.com/

افروز کاظی said...

Iqbal sahibe ap say requist hay kah adwiaty jari boutyan ogany ka treeqah mosam ahtiat aor hikmat ki dawaun kay zarat pr kitabin up lod frmain boht bhlla insaniat ka hoga yh hay darkhwast allah talla kreem apko khush rkhay ameen

Anonymous said...

Asslam o Alaikum
Ye bohat hi acha blog hy Urdu Books ky hawaly sy
Amazing blog keep it up

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