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Tareekh e Tibb by Hakeem Syed Muhammad Hasaan

تاریخ طب

 حکیم سید محمد نگرامی

Tareekh e Tibb by Hakeem

Free Download very knowledgeable history book "Tareekh e Tibb" (The history of Tibb) written by Hakeem Syed Muhammad Hassan Nigrami from India.In this book, starting of Tibb, center of Tibb, basic Concept of Tibb, Type of Tibb, Misri (Egyptian), Babli, Chines, Irani, Yonani, Ayurvedic Tibb.A different history of tib, Name of popular great Muslim hakeem in history.discuss Qutub e shahi, muglia kingdom, Nizam e shahi, Adil shahi and Tib in Indian history.History of Unani Medicine Tibb-e-Unani or Hikmat as it is famously known in Asia and other Country.

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