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Ahade Mamoon Ki Tibbi-o-Falsafiyana Kutub Ke Tarajim

عہد مامون کی طبی اور فلسفیانہ کتب 

کے تراجم 

ایک تحقیقی مطالعہ

Ahade Mamoon Ki Tibbi-o-Falsafiyana

Free download research Urdu Book "Ahade Mamoon Ki Tibbi-o-Falsafiyana Kutub Ke Tarajim" Ekl Tahqiqi Mutala Compiled by Dr. Ishrat Ul Allah Khan publish by qaomi Council braye Urdu Zuban. In this book brief research about Abbasi (caliph) Khalifa Mamoon ur Rasheed Tib and philosophy history on his translations book , discuss on different languages, A summary about Khilafat Abbasia, Unani and Arabic education and art,health of translation technic,history of Arabic translation in Abbasi Khalifa, translators and practical works etc. Read more from this book click given below links.

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