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Najmi Healing Energy by Shahzad Ali Najmi

نجمی شفائی توانائی

ڈاکٹر سیّد شہزاد علی نجمی

Najmi Healing Energy by Shahzad Ali Najmi

The Book, Najmi Shifai Tawanai (Najmi Healing Energy) written by Dr. Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi in Urdu language has been printed by Al-Sehat Foundation urban center, Pakistan. consistent with an author, this is often the primary Islamic non-secular Scientific Healing Book within the world. during this Book, the author mentioned  Human Brain, Ghost, Atlantic, Reiki, Samda and four Levels of Najmi Healing Energy, this is the primary Islamic Book on this subject within the World. Najmi Healing Energy System believes one God ( الله Allāh) and it associated with The Islamic mysticism however anyone will learn to the present with none discrimination of faith and it's for all humankind. Najmi Healing Energy is additionally a branch of other drugs as Reiki Healing Energy, mental state & medical Radiesthesia etc.Many people ar active techniques to enhance their health like meditation, exercise, and improved diet. 

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