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Al Raheeq Al Makhtoom Urdu by Safiur Rahman

الرحيق المختوم کا اردو ترجمہ

الشيخ صفي الرحمن المبارکپوری

Al Raheeq Al Makhtoom Urdu

Free download or read online pdf duplicate book of "Ar-Raheeq-al-Maktoum (The Sealed Nectar in Urdu)" could be a biography of Muhammad (S A W) by Safi ur-Rahman Mubarakpuri. The book was initially composed in Arabic and Urdu. The Arabic variant was recompensed the starting prize by the Muslim World League, at the essential Islamic Conference on Seerah, taking after partner degree open rivalry for a book on the lifetime of Muhammad in 1979. The book rivaled one hundred seventy distinct sections. The title of the book originates from the Quranic verse Yusqawna Mirraheeq-(in)- Maktoum-in "Their beverages will be spiced with fixed nectar".

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