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Tareskh-e-Balochistan by Gul Khan Naseer

تاریخ بلوچستان

 گل خان نصیر

Tareskh-e-Balochistan by Gul Khan Naseer

Free download or read online Pdf copy historical Urdu book of "Tareskh-e-Balochistan" written By Gul Khan Naseer. The history of Balochistan covers the history of the arena of Balochistan, currently consisting of the Pakistani arena of Balochistan, the Iranian arena of Sistan and Baluchestan and the Afghan arena of Balochistan.From the 1st aeon to the 3rd aeon CE, the Balochistan arena was disqualified by the Pāratarājas (lit. "Parata Kings"), an absolutism of Indo-Scythian or Indo-Parthian kings. The brief history book of Balochistan in Urdu.

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