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Introduction Silsila Azeemia Book in Urdu

سلسلہ عظیمیہ

Introduction Silsila Azeemia

Free download or read online Pdf copy book of " Introduction Silsila Azeemia". At the point when there was destruction, there was Allah. Allah adjusted for His Supreme Being, His dynamic Greatness, and His Cherishing Lordship to be recognized, properly he absitively to make. The arrangement detailed in the Mind of the Great Creator and appeared with the ad of the charge "Be" (Kun). The supreme universe and all breed started to exist. Humankind's appearance to this apple predictable in the mishap of proliferating issues. Tension and action supplanted accord because of the ballyhoo of acknowledgment and acknowledgment in Allah. As Allah willed, a course of action for man's recommendation was advanced. Prophets were heavenly one a while later expansion for this reason. The last celestial prophet of Allah, Muhammad Mustafa (peace be on high him) was blissful to accomplish the prophethood. Then again, the course of action of man's recommendation proceeded.

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