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Jab Dunya Reza Reza Ho Jahe Gi Book Download

جب دنیا ریزہ ریزہ ہوجاہی گی

Jab Dunya Reza Reza Ho Jahe Gi

Download or read online Urdu Islamic book "Jab Dunya Raiza Ho Jaegi" (When the world will be decimated into pieces) composed by Dr. Abdur Rahman Al-Arifi and interpreted into Urdu dialect by Qari Mohammad Iqbal Abdul Aziz. Punch Duniya Reza Hojaegi Urdu book is about the frightful of the Judgment Day (Qayamah) in the light of Islam. This book was likewise interpreted into English dialect with title name of "The End of the World". The creator Mr. Abdur Rahman Al Arifi has composed numerous books yet the said boMohamad receptacle Abdul Rahman al-Arefe (conceived 16 July 1970), is an Islamist scholar from Saudi Arabia. He holds the position of Imam of the Mosque of the King Fahd foundation of the Saudi Navy. He is an understudy of Ibn Baz. His books are extremely popular in the Muslim world.ok Jab Dunya Raiza Hojaegi is about the indications of the Judgment Day when this world will end.  


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Muhammad yasir said...

Al-areefi is a wonderful writer bro!!!A person with immense knowledge and experience..May Allah help him

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