Barzakhi Zindagi Aur Qabar Ke Azab O Aaram Ke Masail

Barzakhi Zindagi Aur Qabar Ke Azab O Aaram Ke Masail

Free download or read online PDF Islamic book "Barzakhi Zindagi Aur Qabar Ke Azab O Aaram Ke Masail" author Shaikh Khalid bin abdur Rahman shaye Translated in Urdu By Muhammad Irfan Muhammad Madni.From the teachings of our Holy Prophet Muhammad Salallahu  Alaihi Wasallam it gets to be clear that after the destruction of an individual we clearly take him/her to be inert, yet that individual stays alive, despite the fact that his/her life is unique in relation to our lives. The Holy Prophet Salallahu  Alaihi Wasallam is accounted for to have said that the demonstration of breaking a bone of the dead body causes the perished to the extent that as is felt by a living individual. At the point when an individual bites the dust, he/she is entrusted from this world to Barzakh. Despite the actuality whether the dead body is laid in the grave or cremated, the demised holds force of comprehension and understanding.




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