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Umm Ul Amraz By Shaykh Sufi Muhammad Iqbal (r.a)

Umm -ul- Amraz By Shaykh Sufi

Download or read online pdf islamic Urdu Book Umm Ul Amraz By Shaykh Sufi Muhammad Iqbal (r.a).Umm ul Amraz (Mother of Diseases) is an in regards to Condemnation of pride or haughtiness, indications of pomposity and its cure. Umm ul Amraz book gives and proposals to the diagnosing of pride and haughtiness. Colloquialisms of the Islamic researchers about the ailment of pride and a reasoning point for the devout and Prayerful elders.visit the underneath specified connections to peruse online or download Umm ul Amraz book in Pdf organization to peruse logged off.


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