Tib E Nabvi By Ustaza Nighat Hashmi

Tib E Nabvi By Ustaza Nighat Hashmi

A complete pdf Tib e nabvi book by  Ustaza Nighat Hashmi ,Tib-e-Nabvi (S.a.w) is an arabic expression. Its mean routines for treatment given by Our Beloved Prophet HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (S.a.w.w). Our Prophet gave shabby and simple route to the treatment of illnesses. Sahaba-e-Ikraam (R.a) composed that techniques and now that routines arrived at to us. Tib-e-Nabvi (S.a.w) comprise of two things..HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (S.a.w) intense least demanding approach to making solutions. They thought how to utilize things that are accessible as a part of our home. HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (S.a.w) let some know utilize full verses of HOLY QURAN for the treatment of an ailment. HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (S.a.w) said that Honey is valuable for just about every disease.surah Fatiha is extremely true for a cure of malady.  This Book “Tib-e-Nabvi” provides a complete solution of problems.Free Download or read online from below links, pdf file size is 4.65MB.




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