Subah o Shaam Kay Wazaef By Hazrat Maulana Manzoor Yousuf

Subah o Shaam Kay Wazaef by Manzoor Yousuf

This book is the collection of duas of Rasoolullah s.a.w Written by: Hazrat Maulana Manzoor Yousuf Sahab (db).Holly Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.a.w) gives the Muslims Masnoon Duain recount before or after a commonplace particular assignment. Subah o Shaam Kay Wazaef Pdf book holds wonderful and extremely pleasant masnoon Duain for Muslims for ordinary undertaking. Subah o Shaam Kay Wazaef book holds  masnoon Duain.Being Muslims we ought to take in these  Subah o Shaam Kay duas and their implications for getting positive comes about in the wake of doing particular undertaking like dua for entering masjid , dua for leaving masjid ,dua before consuming sustenance and dua for wearing garments and so on. Download this book or read online from below links.




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