Mah e Tamam by Amna Riaz Complete

Mah e Tamam by Amna Riaz Complete

Mah e Tamam (complete upto fourteenth (last) scene is a Social Romantic Urdu Novel by Famous Woman Writer and Dramatist Amna Riaz, which serialized in Monthly Khawateen Digest. Maah e Tamaam is a story of Family Bonds and Blood Relations, particularly Father and Son Relation. The Novel talks about paramount issues like Generation Gap, Suspicion and Forgiveness. Novel clarifies that Generation Gap is an extremely regular issue in numerous Families, where adolescent ones think senior citizens are unnecessarily compelling their standards and confinements on them. While seniors think adolescent ones are not acting and damaging their social qualities and family conventions. Generally this Generation Gap accompanies Communication Gap, when relatives, old and junior ones don't talk or communicate. Novel additionally clarifies that Suspicion can decimate any wonderful connection and one must figure out how to forget others in compliance with common decency and advance in life. We trust, our Social Romantic Novel perusers will like this Novel of Amna Riaz and give their input and remarks.




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