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English Guru (English Language Course in Urdu)

English Guru (English Language Course in Urdu)

Download or read online Urdu book of learning English dialect "English Guru" free of charge and enhance your English talking power effortlessly. English Guru is an exceptionally well known book in Pakistan, the writer of the book has demonstrated his/her name as English Guru. This book is for those individuals who can comprehend and read Urdu dialect in light of the fact that this book is in Urdu dialect. The said book is contained on 3 steps, Get, Set and Go. The writer has described numerous tips about English discussion and enhancing talking force e.g the writer controls the perusers to watch English news station or read just English news paper, watch motion pictures in English dialect and orchestrate a gathering of loved ones for English discussion no less than one hour for every day. This book is helpful for every one of those individuals who are decently taught yet can not talk English dialect fluidly. This book is likewise useful for learners too.



nancy john said...

Second language is an important aspect for any person to improve job career significantly.

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sara said...

I think everyone wants to ensure that they present their best work at all times. This is so whether someone is writing in English or another language.

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Sajid Hussain said...

nice website Learn active and passive voice in Urdu With 5 video Lessons

English Language Learning Speaking Free Course said...

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Anonymous said...


Amery Barry said...

Thanks for always being the source that explains things instead of just putting an unjustified answer out there. I loved this post.
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akmal niazi khan said...

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Zameer Ahmed said...

I need second part of English guru which is known as set and i also need its third part which is final part of English guru....please if anyone have these two books in pdf format than please send it on my Gmail account this is my gmail account zameerk034@gmail.com .. Hope anyone will help me..

Usman Ghani said...

i feel in very very week english.
anyone please help me

Dorothy said...

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