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MCQs Electronic Device and Circuits Book In Urdu by Shahbaz Hussain

الیکٹرانک ڈیوائسز اینڈ سرکٹس
مصنف انجینئر شہباز حسین

MCQs Electronic Device and Circuits Book In Urdu

Electronic Device and Circuits by Shahbaz Hussain are the instructive MCQs Pdf book In Urdu. it is commonsense tackling specialized book. this book blanket the subject of electronic gadgets and their circuits. what is vacuum tube? why utilization vacuum tube. Characterize Electron. in urdu languge book. furthermore same next characterize photograph electron emanation. what is diode? characterize diode.what number of solid field connected in this procedure and so forth.Electronicsis that limb of science and innovation which makes utilization of the controlled movement of electrons through distinctive media and vacuum.



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mazhar said...

Really Great Work Thanks Jazakallah..

Anonymous said...

where is second part of that book plz any one can post?

Anonymous said...

plz i need it part 2 should be uploaded as soon as possible...there are only 6 chp

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