Masala e Falasteen by Muhammed Wazeh Rashid

Masala e Falasteen by Muhammed Wazeh Rashid

"Palestine", the Western south piece of Syria is spotted on the shore of the center white ocean in the Western piece of Asian mainland going along with it with the landmass of Africa. The earth of Palestinian is one of the most seasoned humanized regions. As per new findings, occupants of this very territory arrived at the end of the line of rural quality nine thousand years B. C. which was first ever accomplishment of the mankind's history. "Ariha" the most established city of the world was habilitated eight thousand years B. C. on this very soil. Recently, Palestine is the house different societies and civilizations. Anyway these days, its true natives are confronting much inconvenience by the hands of the Jews and Israelites. They are truly encompassed by challenges and tests. Palestine is a sacred spot. It is the first Qiblah (bearing in which Muslims turn for petitions to God) and third of the heavenly mosques. The sacred Qur'an notice the sentence "Barakna" (We favored it) for the heavenly city of Quds. The occasion of Isra is additionally identified with this very place. The dirt of this world has been the habitation prophets and religious identities. The earth of Palestine got more colored by the blood of saints than any viable Muslim overwhelming zone. On one hand all these realities are acknowledged, while on the other, it is a catastrophe that now this blessed spot is encompassed by adversaries.




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