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Ashab-e-Kahaf And Yaajooj Maajooj by Abu Kalam Azad

Ashab-e-Kahaf And Yaajooj Maajooj

Ashab-e-kahaf And Yaajooj Maajooj is a Very decent islamic Book Written by the Great Imam-ul-Hind Abu Kalam Azad (r.a) .In this book you will read About The Peoples of hole and Yaajooj Maajooj. Ashab-e-Kahaf (The people groups of Cave) was 3 individuals who were sleepd in excess of 300 years in a hole and after that they astir.So download this lovely Book to peruse all the more about Ashab-e-Kahaf and Yajooj Maajooj.


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