Araish Mehfil Ba Tasveeraat (Qissa Hatim Tai)

Araish Mehfil Ba Tasveeraat (Qissa Hatim Tai)

Araish Mehfil Ba Tasveeraat (Qissa hatim Tai) Urdu moral Stories for kids book download free in PDF arrange and composed in Urdu dialect. A old book publish in 1921 ,Hatim is influential, Brave, Generous and thoughtful. He helps everybody. Do you know who he is? Did he is a beast, or did his is a creature? His name is Hatim Tai. Hatim is not a titan or beast, he is the human, yet amid their crusades he confronts this kind of manifestations. Off and on again he meets with a creation which is half lady and half fish. Hatim looks a beast with nine hands, nine feet nine mouths and a flam of flame is turning out from his mouth. He additionally fined a creature with eight feet and seven heads. He meets with numerous devout senior citizens, who awards him breads for his craving and thirst. Hatem likewise confronts pixies and enchantment amid his missions.Download or read Online pdf file from below links.




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