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Qadyaniat Aik Dehshat Gard Tanzeem By Muhammad Mateen Khalid

Brief and Straightforward guide about Qadianism. Free transfer or browse on-line Urdu book in Pdf format "Qadiyaniyat Ek Dehshat Gard Tanzeem" (Qadianism could be a terrorist organization) and study the terrorist activities of Qadiyanis. The same book was revealed in Sep 2001, supported the analysis of its 2 authors Mahound Matin Khalid and Mahound Naveed Shahin. each the authors have worked arduous and exposed the criminal activities of Qadiyanis in West Pakistan. they need conjointly written regarding the change within the constitution law regarding Qadiyanis in West Pakistan. they need recovered several facts regarding Qadiyani that you may browse in initial time. Qadianiniat ek Dehshat Gard Tanzeem Urdu book is all regarding Qadiyani minorities in West Pakistan. Qadiyanism isn't any doubt a biggest Fitna in West Pakistan and India. The forces behind this Fitna was a people Government throughout the Republic of India Asian country and purpose was this Fitna was to cut back the resistance from Muslims in India. transfer this Urdu book and learn one thing regarding Fitna-e-Qadianiyat.


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