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Fazail e Amaal Urdu Complete By Mulana Muhammad Zakeria

فضائل اعمال اردو مکمل

Fazail e Amaal Urdu Complete

Fazail-e-Amaal is an Islamic religious content. It is a two-volume assemblage of a few books, fundamentally composed by the Indian researcher Muhammad Zakariya Kandhlawi His title Shekul Hadees. An English interpretation of the title is The Virtues of Good Deeds.the content comprises of chose verses of the Qur'an, Hadiths, critique consequently, and other material. The book is an arrangement of distinctive past books composed by same writer. It has been interpreted into English, Persian, Bengali, and numerous different dialects. It is prominent in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and among South Asian foreigners in the United States and UK. It is for the most part utilized by the Tablighi Jamaat for taalim (educating) purposes. Goal of which is to bring Ehtesaab (think about the prizes of great deeds before conferring them) into ones life.this book gives essential data of Islam. It is credited with converting lives of various individuals wordwide and accumulate quietness and peace the hearts.

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