Ahmad Shah Abdali by Ganda Singh

احمد شاه ابدالي

Ahmad Shah Abdali by Ganda Singh

 (1726–1773) was the founder of the Durrani dynasty in Afghanistan.  He was born in Multan of Pakistan, the son of Sammaun-Khan, hereditary chief of the Abdali tribe.  As a young boy, Abdali fell into the hands of the hostile tribe of Ghilzais and kept as a prisoner in Kandahar.  On March 1738, he was rescued by Nadir Shah, who had him guard over some regions that are now in the North Western Frontier of Pakistan.  Nadir Shah was known to be a child molester and it was not a surprise that he kept Abdali as one of his slaves.  Shah favored Abdali above the rest because of Abdali’s young, handsome features.  Abdali was then given the title of “Dur-Durran” (Pear of Pearls) by Shah and then Abdali changed the Abdali tribe name to the Durrani tribe.  Shah gave Abdali the command over a cavalry of Abdali tribesmen.