Does God Exist? If Not Then Who Else Answer Our Prayers?

Does God Exist? If Not Then Who Else Answer Our Prayers?

Our belief performances an significant function in keeping us in good mental and personal wellbeing. conviction and perform in our Islamic teachings performances an integral function in helping us cope with the stresses of every day life. pleading to Allah (swt) and really believing that He is adept of changing any position for the better will have a affirmative effect on our mental status. Instead of being concerned and obsessing about a difficulty, one should count on Allah (swt). We have been created by the Almighty to be tested and endeavoured, and our achievement lies in resolve and endurance during these difficult episodes in life. In such attenuating factors, a individual should remember that Allah is our only Savior and Protector. The One who we will not ever misplace like our other relatives; Who is habitually be with us and Who habitually conceives and designs best for us.




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