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Al Farooq By Shaykh Allamah Shibli Nomani (r.a)

   علامہ شبلی نعما نی

Al Farooq Allama Shibli Nomani

The Life of Omar The Great  is The biography of Umar (also spelled Omar) written by Islamic scholar Shibli Nomani.Its publication took the Muslim World by storm and was considered a great literary event in history of Islamic literature.By Extensive study of the subject,the author Nomani collected and collated facts which were lying buried in unpublished manuscripts in great libraries of Istanbul, Beirut, Alexandria, Paris, Berlin and London.The book inspired an unparalled enthusiasm and ran into several editions in a very short period.The book was translated in English by Maulana Zafar Ali Khan and was titled,"Al Farooq:The Life of Omar The Great (Second Caliph of Islam)". Umar is universally acknowledged as the first conqueror,founder and administrator of Muslim Empire. And the writter this book Shibli Nomani (علامہ شبلی نعمانی‎ ) (3 June 1857 – 18 November 1914, Azamgarh district) was an Islamic academic from Indian subcontinent during British Raj. He was built-in at Bindwal in Azamgarh commune of abreast Uttar Pradesh. He is accepted for the founding the Shibli National College in 1883 and the Darul Mussanifin in Azamgarh. Shibli was a able academic in Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Turkish and Urdu. He was aswell a poet. He calm abundant actual on the activity of Prophet of Islam, Muhammad but could address alone aboriginal two volumes of the planned plan the Sirat-un-Nabi. His disciple, Syed Sulaiman Nadvi, fabricated use of this actual and added his own and wrote actual 5 volumes of the work, the Sirat-un-Nabi afterwards the afterlife of his mentor.  All Islamic books, novel, stories and other stuff on this web journal are just for learning offering reason by the obligingness of writers and distributors. I don't possess any of these books or Novel. In the event that you discover a book or novel fascinating or learning rich, kindly do buy the printed form of that specific book or novel to oblige and admire the writer of that book or novel. We trust you will like the book and provide for us your input. Easily download pdf copy of this book click given below links.


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