HTML in Urdu Language and Urdu text eBook

HTML in Urdu Language and Urdu text eBook :

Some of the contents of Book...

01: Creating first HTML page 
02: Playing with the text
03: Paragraphs aligning, making you text bold, italic and underlined
04: Working with images, controlling images and their attributes, Working with borders and space around images 
05: Some extra things about images
06: Working out with tables and contents, lay-outingwebpages with tables, organizing contents using table controls in Webpages 
07: Working with frames
08: Creating iFrames and managing their attributes 
09: Forms creation in Webpages, working with text fields, text areas, dropdown lists, radio buttons, check boxes and much more
10: Uploading webpages to servers using FTP protocols
11: Some free websites to upload your webpages and more

Book Name:  HTML in Urdu Language and Urdu Text
Author:  Muhammad Adnan
Language:  Urdu

Pages:  141
File Type:  WinRAR Archive (Please unzip it to read Book)