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Sood (Riba) by Engr.Naveed Ahmed

سود : حرمت، خباثتیں، اشکالات
 Suud , interest, Usury, Mark up

Sood (Riba)  by  Engr. Naveed Ahmed

The accurate acceptation of absorption or Al-RIBA as it is acclimated in the Arabic accent agency to balance or increase. In the Islamic analogue absorption agency effortless accumulation or that accumulation which comes chargeless from advantage or that added earning acquired that is chargeless of exchange. Hazrat Shah Waliullah Dehlvi a abundant academic and baton has accustomed a actual abridged and absolute analogue of interest. He says, "Riba` is a accommodation with the action that the borrower will acknowledgment to the lender added than and bigger than the abundance borrowed."Hafiz Ibn Hajr writes in his annotation of Sahih Bukhari (Fathul Bari): "Imam Malik letters on the ascendancy of Zaid Ibn Aslam that in the aeon of benightedness (pre-Islamic times) absorption was afflicted according to the afterward scheme. One being had a appropriate in the acreage of addition person. It may accept been a accepted appropriate because of the bulk lent or the bulk of something purchased or in any added form. A time was set if the affirmation would be settled. If the appointed time accustomed the creditor would ask the debtor if he capital to achieve the affirmation or pay absorption with an addendum to the time. If the affirmation was acclimatized again there was no access in the payment. Otherwise the debtor would access the bulk payable and the creditor would extend the aeon further.Interest is not a accountable after barter and commerce. Islam recognises barter and business not alone as a allowable profession but aswell as a moral duty. Islam has laid down a complete set of rules for trade. The acumen for these rules is to specify what halal earning is. There are abounding traditions (Ahaadith) apropos halal accouterment that can aswell be begin in the books absolute the traditions of the astrologer (peace be aloft him). Actually, Islam has encouraged men to acquire their own accouterment and to accommodate it to their families. The action is that the earning has to be according to the altitude set by the Shari’ah. Any array of transaction that does not accord to the rules of barter will not be allowed. These rules can be begin beneath the branch of barter in the books of jurisprudence. Interest is amidst those altitude which all affairs have to be chargeless from.

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