Allama Nasiruddin al-Albani by Maulana Ab. Aziz Umri Madni

 علامہ محمد ناصر الدين الألباني
 Allama Nasiruddin Albani by Maulana Ab. Aziz Umri Madni
(1914 – October 2, 1999) was an Albanian Islamic scholar of the 20th century; he specialised in the fields of hadith and fiqh. He was also a prolific writer and speaker, in addition to an artisan.
Albani was born into a poor family in the city of Shkodër in northwestern Albania. During the reign of the secularist Albanian leader Ahmet Zogu, al-Albani's family migrated to Damascus, Syria, due to their displeasure with the Western-influenced views of the Albanian government. In Damascus, Albani completed his early education - initially taught by his father - in the Quran, Tajwid, Arabic linguistic sciences, Hanafi Fiqh and further branches of the Islamic faith with the help of native Syrian scholars. In the meantime, he earned a modest living as a carpenter before joining his father as a watchmaker, a trade he was to master.