Pakistan Biradarism Siasat Aur Sarparasti by Anatol Lieven PDF


Community Politics and Patronage System in Pakistan

پاکستان برادری ازم 

محمد صفدرسحر

Pakistan Community Politics Urdu

Free Download Pakistan Biradarism Siasat Aur Sarparasti. This is Urdu translation English articles book in Urdu Community Politics and Patronage System in Pakistan written by Anatol Lieven and translate into the Urdu language by Safdar Sehr. A selected articles of Anatol Lieven. Pakistani biradarism effect on politic and judicial system, Read more in this book how to effect caste system in Pakistan, also read culture of Pakistan, family structure in Pakistan in Urdu total 34 pages and PDF file size 0.3 MB. You can also download or read online Urdu translated books

Urdu Pakistan Siasat Book

Anatol articles urdu

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Scheherazade Goes West in Urdu by Fatima Mernissi Book PDF Free


Scheherazade Maghrib Main by Zahida Hina PDF Download

شہر زاد مغرب میں

فاطمہ مرنیسی 

 زاہدہ حنا

Scheherazade Goes West Urdu

Free download PDF book Scheherazade Goes West in Urdu written by Fatema Mernissi and translated into the Urdu language by Zahida Hina. Scheherazade Maghrib Main is Urdu Version famous book of Scheherazade Goes West now in PDF format for free read online. The writer was struck by Western male writers' concept of a collection of Mistresses life. A universe of uninvolved, sex-starved ladies viewing for their almighty spouse's considerations and essayist and writer Zahida Hina has deciphered the book, and not just as she attempted to be mentally reliable to the first content, she has likewise endeavored to pass on to the peruse the meanings of Mernissi's bits of knowledge. Total 210 pages and file size 10 MB. You may be studied Khamosh Aksariyat Ka Ahtijaaj by Qazi Wajid and The Dwarf Bona Admi by Cho Se Hhu.

Fatima Mernissi Urdu book
scheharzade maghrib main

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Surah Maida Translation and Tafsir Quran Urdu PDF Free Download


Surah Al-Maidah Urdu Transliteration and Taseer Book

سورہ المائدہ

Surah Maida Urdu tafsir

Surah Maida Translation and Tafseer Quran (Interpretation) Islami Urdu book in PDF. Quran Pak Tafsir by Ibn e Adam. Surah Al-Maidah Urdu Meaning and Complete Tafseer in local Urdu language. Surat al-Maʼida is the 5th chapter of holy book Quran Karim, and 120 Verses (Ayat).The Surah subjects incorporate creatures which are taboo, Esa and Musa (Jesus and Moses) Islamic missions. Now download PDF file or read online as long as 50 pages and file size 7.2 MB. You may be read Aasan Tarjuma Translate by Taqi Usmani and Quran Urdu Translation by Syed Abul Ala Maududi.

Surah-Al-Maidah Urdu

Surah Tahreem Quran Tafseer in Urdu PDF Free Download Islamic Book


Surah Tahreem With Urdu Translation And Tafsir Complete

سورہ تحریم

surah tahreem quran tafseer

Free download or read online Surah Tahreem full Tafseer Quran pdf in the Urdu language by Ibne surah al Tahrim and learn Surah Tahreem benefits for Muslim free download Quran ki Tafseer in local Urdu language. Very knowledgeable Tafseer ul Quran Karim or Quran Pak total 30 pages and file size 4.7 MB only.  You may be read Tafsir Quran Majeed Tafheem-ul-Quran by Abu Ala  Maudoodi and Fe Zalalul Quran in Urdu by Sayyid Qutb.

Surah Tahreem full Urdu

Machiavelli Aur Mechiavelliat by Anwar Ul Haq Haqqi Free PDF Book


Machiavelli Philosophy Book in Urdu Free Download PDF 

میکیا ولی اور میکیاولیت

 سید انوار الحق حقی

Machiavelli Philosophy Book in Urdu

Free Urdu Book Machiavelli Aur Mechiavelliat Aik Mutaliha written by Prof. Syed Anwar Ul Haq Haqqi now download in PDF format or read online. The life and history biography Urdu book about Italian Philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli and his Philosophy or Machiavellianism. That talks about routes in which the leaders of a country state can pick up and control. Despite the fact that The Prince contains some sharp and commonsense bits of knowledge into human conduct. Now read online this literature or get PDF copy with total 80 pages and file 1.1 MB. You may be read books in Urdu Plato (Aflatoon) Life Biography and Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Read following Chapters in this book:

  • Brief life story
  • Machiavelli  Nishat Zania Ka Farzand
  • 16 Sadi Main Europ aur Atalia Ka Seyasi Naqsha
  • Machiavelli Methods and Political Philosophy
  • Hakumran, Mazhab aur Ikhlaqiat
  • Qaumiat Aur Atalvi Ithad
  • Mechiavelliat Tanqeedi Jaheza
Urdu book Mechiavelli
Mechiavelli Book urdu

First Aid Training Wapda Safety Code Book in Urdu PDF by LESCO


Electric Safty Rule And First Aid Treatment Guide Urdu

First Aid Training Urdu

Free PDF read or download First Aid Training and Guide and Wapda Safety Code Manual in Urdu by Lahore Electric Supply Company LESCO. Learn basic rule, safety code and First aid treatment of any type of casualty in local Urdu language through this training book. Learn basic technical safety rules and basic first aid course for employees and Electrical trainee students. and also read Electric safety rule and sign and Electric Shock treatment learn steps for emergency casualty treatment of electrical shock, read the essential Electric Shock Guide, now read online or download total 96 pages and file size 2.9 MB. You may be download Fori Tibbi Imdad and How To Survive Nuclear Attack in Urdu.

Wapda Safety Code
First Aid course Urdu