Koi Deepak Ho by Ms. Rukhsana Nigar Adnan Urdu Novel Free Download


Romantic and Social Novel in Urdu PDF Download

کوئی دیپک ہو

 رخسانہ نگار عدنان

Koi Deepak Ho by Rukhsana Nigar

Get another novel in Urdu title name is Koi Deepak Ho this is a romantic and social novel exposed our society authored by Ms. Rukhsana Nigar Adnan. The fundamental reason for this story is to tell the general population that there is no perfect and a man should look through his/her own specific manners to his/her goal. The story of Sonia a young lady is the hero of this Urdu story. Madam Fazila is a perfect lady of Sania yet Sania stuns when she finds the genuine face of Madam Fazila. Ms. Rukhsana Nigar Adnan best Urdu novels writer and she is Pakistani female Urdu novelist and script writer now this literature is in PDF format for reading online or free download for offline reading. This novel also published in monthly Urdu digest in many episodes this most popular novel in Urdu she writes many Urdu stories in the Urdu language. You can also read Urdu novels Dil Se Dil Mile Jab by Huma Jahangir and Wrong Number by Razia Butt.

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Gulab Lamhon Ki Zad Mein By Farhana Malik Naz Urdu Novel Download


Free Romantic and Social Urdu Story PDF Ebook 

 گلاب لمحوں کی زد میں

 فرحانہ ملک ناز

Gulab Lamho Ki Zad Mein

You are browsing Urdu Novel for free download in PDF format or read online the title name of this story book is Gulab Lamhon Ki Zad Mein authored by Farhana Malik Naz. This is a sentimental and social yet a heart touching Urdu story of a defenseless young lady who confronts a considerable measure of troubles from the general public. He is the Starting Urdu novel from writer, Farhana Malik Naz Urdu Story is one of the underlying books. It was distributed in a Monthly Urdu digest. Farhana Naz Malik is a senior author, who has wonderful books surprisingly. She picks an assortment of themes to compose about. She primarily composes fiction and has composed unbelievable Urdu books. Now Download in PDF along 112 pages and file size 1.2 MB only. You may read more Urdu novels Mohabbat Ka Azab by Mohiuddin Nawab and Sassi Punnu by Ishtiaq Fatima Uzma.

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Ibn Battuta Kay Mulk Kal Aur Aaj Travels Urdu Book Michael Elliot


Ibn Battuta's Journey Countries Today by Aizaz Baqir PDF 

ابن بطوطہ کے ملک آج اور کل 


ibn battuta kay mulk

Ibn Battuta Kay Mulk Kal Aur Aaj This is Urdu translation book of World Wanderer edited by Michael Elliot and translated into the Urdu language by Aizaz Baqir. In this book, an author writes about now today stories of Ibn Battuta travels countries in history. This is ibn Battuta history book in Urdu for free download pdf or reads online. read about the travels of Ibn Battuta state who Journey in history. Ibn Battuta, for the most part, set out to places with Muslim governments in the zones inside the dark fringe denoting the Dar al-Islam. Past that, Muslim brokers had just wandered out into Asia like China, Indonesia and further, and had set up little Muslim people group in numerous areas of the world in history. A research Urdu literature on the travels of Ibn Battuta. Now download pdf copy this book from this blog with total 121 pages and file size 10 MB. You can also read Masjid Al Aqsa History and Aalam e Arabi.
Ibn Battuta travels Urdu
Ibn battuta Urdu book

Charles Sobhraj Ki Sarguzasht Story of Bikini Killer in Urdu PDF


The Fascinating Story of a Dangerous International Criminal in Urdu

چارلس سوبھراج کی سرگزشت

ایک خطرناک بین الاقوامی مجرم کی عبرت انگیز داستان

Charles Sobhraj Ki Sarguzasht

Read the story of Charles Sobhraj in Urdu. The title name of this Urdu criminal book Charles Sobhraj Ki Sarguzasht. This is the fascinating story or novel of a dangerous international criminal Still Today the police of many countries are required in Criminal cases. The complete crime detail of Charles Sobhraj. Charles Sobhraj otherwise called the Bikini Killer or serial killer is a French serial enemy of the Vietnamese and Indian starting point, who went after Western sightseers all through Southeast Asia amid the 1970s. In the violations were so Popular and created numerous Movies and documentaries were recorded in his life character and his crime stories. He appreciated the consideration, charging a lot of cash for meetings and film rights. Now read about this most wanted person in Urdu local language download in PDF format total 256 pages and file size 18 MB. You can also read more Urdu novels like Sonagachi ki Ratain by A Hamid and Cross Fire by Tariq Ismail.

Charles Sobhraj in Urdu

Charles Sobhraj Urdu story

Pase Diwar E Zindan By Agha Shorish Kashmiri Books PDF Download


Political History Urdu Free PDF Book Download

پس دیوارزنداں 

 شورش کاشمیری

Pase Diwar E Zindan

This is political and historical Urdu Ebook. Pase Diwar E Zindan (Living in Jail) written By Agha Shorish Kashmiri Free download. Shorish Kashmiri Books in PDF here or read online.  Agha Shrestha Kashmiri was the leading poet, journalist, politician and Bachchan Pyaib of Pakistan. Aga Shrestha Kashmiri was born in Lahore on 14th August 1917. Your original name was Abdul Karim, but Agha was famous by the name of Kashishari. An Agha Shrestha Kashmari was a combination of attributes. He was the ruler of the four fields of journalism. Now this book complete story of Pakistan or story of the independent day of Pakistan. you may be read Do Qaumi Nazria and Pakistan Aik Piyaz Do Rotiyan.                                                 
Shorish kashmiri books
agha shorish kashmiri books pdf

Electrical Safety Training PDF Urdu Manual by LESCO Free Download


Free Electrical Safety Course Book (S-100) in Urdu  

الیکٹرکل سیفٹی کورس 

Electrical safety training Urdu

Electrical Courses and Trainee Manual (S-100) PDF Free download or read online by Regional Electrical Training Center LESCO for workplace safety training and electrical hazards and safety in Urdu. This literature Help electrical training courses Students, LESCO Employees, and electric learner now downloads in PDF of this free online electrical training Literature. Also, read high voltage safety training and electrical hazards in the workplace during duty and learn safety training topics through this Urdu technical book now get a safety with electricity by this online electrical safety training PDF ebook. You can also read Basic Electrical Engineering and Electrical Safety Course Urdu books total pages and file size 6 MB. the following content in this book.
  • Hifasat Ka Taruf (Saftey introduction)
  • Aam Hifazat
  • Tibbi Imdad Ke Asool (Rules of Medical Ad)
  • Marizoon ki Tibi Imdad
  • Hosh Me lana
  • Afrad Hifati Zamidarian
  • Technical Supervisor Ki leye Hifazath
  • Aag se Bacho (Fire Saftey)
Electrical Safety Urdu Book
Electrical Safety Course Book