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Balochi To Urdu Bol Chal Learning Giude Book

بلوچی اردو بول چال

Balochi To Urdu Bol Chal Learning Book

A Balochi to Urdu speaking learning and Teaching Guidebook "Balochi To Urdu Bol Chal" by  M R Rehman  and Shrikh Khan, Baluchi to Urdu learning PDF Book free download or read online.Learn Balochi Language and Spoken Baluchi with Urdu Translation. Baloch Meaning and Dictionary Definition in Urdu.The basic phrases and words in the Balochi language and Course book.

Farar Ke Bad Urdu Novel by Tariq Ismail Sagar

فرار کے بعد

طارق اِسمٰعیل ساگر

Farar Ke Bad Urdu Novel by Tariq Ismail Sagar

Free Download Urdu Pdf novel "Farar Kay Bad" is right here free of charge down load and crimson on-line. This Urdu novel is authored by way of Mr. Tariq Ismail Sagar, He has also pleasant identified for his spy Urdu novels. Farar Ke bad Urdu novel is a traditional fiction story however he has written this story in an extraordinarily attractive manner. The writing type of Tariq Ismail Sagar is invariably appealing which makes readers compelled to the learn all of the pages of the guide. That is a story of a Police sergeant and his bravery.Sager who is a well recognized Urdu novelist, Journalist, Defence analyzer, espionage proficient, Urdu columnist and a preferred Urdu creator from Pakistan. He has written many Urdu books and novels. The title of this Urdu novel "Farar Ke Bad" is meant by means of After escape. This novel is here in Pdf structure and so long as 300 pages with the small Pdf file size of 3.26 MB most effective. That you would be able to free download and read online this Urdu novel from the below links

Jo Chale Tu Jaan Se Guzar Gaye By Maha Malik

جو چلے تو جاں سے گذر گئے

ماھا ملک

Jo Chale Tu Jaan Se Guzar Gaye

Free Download PDF copies romantic novel of Jo Chale Tu Jaan Se Guzar Gaye By Maha Malik.She is very general novelist among ladies readers. Maha Malik has written in exclusive Urdu digests for a very long time. Her a couple of novels have been published in the book from now integrated ‘ Yeh Bulbulen Yeh Titliyan, Jo Gaye Tu Jaan Se Guzar Gaye, Ek Diya Jalaye Rakhna and Mere Khwab Reza Reza. Her current novel involves a story of our own society. Its characters are usually not imaginary or transcendent but a dwelling part of this society.

Tareekh Ke Dareechon Se By Mufti Rafi Usmani

تاریخ کی دریچوں سے

 مفتی محمد رفیع عثمانی

Tareekh Ke Dareechon Se By Mufti Rafi Usmani

Book name "Tareekh Ke Dareechon Say" written By Shaykh Mufti Rafi Usmani Mufti Azam Pakistan.True Stories from Islamic history in the Urdu Language.This True Stories was published in Monthly "Fiker Noh" Magzine in 1961, Now collected in one booklet.The waqia of Hazrat Umer Farooq Razi Ul Enha.Summary Ahsas Firz, Guroor Ka Ilaj, Ajeeb Tabeer, Aag hi Aag, Daryhoon Per Hukoomat, Kagaz ka Tukrha, Hazir Jawabi, Adam Khore, Etc read more click below link and get pdf file or Download Free on the web.

Potato (Aaloo) Uses Urdu Booklet

آلو کی اہمیت اور منصوعات

Potato (Aaloo) Uses Urdu Booklet

Potato (Aaloo) uses Urdu booklet, Aaloo ki Ahmiyath aur Masnoohat, Read about the history, benefit, Demand, Production of Potato, General knowledge (Maloomat) about Vegetable Potato, know health benefit in Urdu. Aloo ka Aata and Sooji banae ka Tariqa. and some Potato kitchen cooking tips in to make Potato Biscuit.Read more download PDF or study on the web click given links.All Type Agriculture Urdu PDF Books here for reading and downloading.

Kalonji and Corn Cultivation Booklet in Urdu

کلونجی اور مکئ کی کاشت

Kalonji and Corn Cultivation Booklet in Urdu

Free download pdf farming Urdu booklets of Kalonji and corn cultivation and its benefits.Kalonji ki Kasht aur Makahi ki kasht.this two brochures merged in one PDF file.Maize being the very best yielding cereal crop on the earth is of enormous importance for countries like Pakistan, where quickly increasing populace has already outstripped the on hand food provides.In Pakistan, maize is 1/3 essential cereal after wheat and rice.Kalonji is usually often called Black seeds. In Scientific identify it is referred to as Nigella Sativa. Kalonji used as a spice in unique cuisines. It has a bitter in style and smell. But Kalonji is very priceless and healthful for everybody

Pest Scouting and Spray guide line in Urdu

پیسٹ سکاؤٹنگ

Pest Scouting and Spray guide line in Urdu

Free download agriculture Urdu Guide booklet "Pest Scouting and Spray guideline", Topic is Pest Scouting of Corp, Spary Saftey precaution in Urdu.wheat Safty and cleaning, Mango harmful warm, Benefit of spray, Farming Tips PDF book.

Body Builder Exercise Trainning Giude Urdu Book

باڈی بلڈر بنیے

Body Builder Exercise Trainning Giude

Another Body Builder Baniye Training course PDF book with pictures   in the Urdu language. A Complete exercise Guide Urdu book for the strong body. in this book find,body building tutorials, Make your body healthy and muscles building rules, Diagram of Human body muscles, Benefit of vitamins and proteins in muscles, Foods for bodybuilders,chest structure and length,Some words for star body builders, major muscles exercises,shoulder workout, leg workout exercise,Stomach and Back workout, Arm and Chest workout, chest exercise guideline. Exercise training without any tools, Tips, and tricks for exercise and control your body with practice, the different type of exercise, tools for exercise.Free download or read online. 

Quran with Arabi to 3 English Translation

Quran with Arabi to 3 English Translation

Quran with 3 Translation in English by Yousaf Ali + Shakir and Pickthall and the Pages is 733 .The meaning Of the Glorious Quraan Majeed,Translated into the English Language by Yusuf Ali's Translation Shakir's Translation Pickthall's Translation, word: For correct and genuine expertise of the Quran in specified and of Islam more often than not, one must seek advice from the reputable books and to the learned students.Additionally notice that actual Quran is in Arabic; no different language is able of wholly greedy the fathoms of Quran's depth. Consequently, the translations of the Quran (in English and different languages) are area to the interpretation of the translators.

Farar Novel By Pervez Bilgrami


 پرویز بلگرامی

Farar Novel By Pervez Bilgrami

This novel story for  the younger who want to love your country read the heart touching popular novel in Urdu.The brief story belongs to a partition of the Bangladesh from Pakistan in 1971.This is a big loss for all Pakistanis, The novel name Farar written by Pervez bilgarami.this is a Pakistani popular writer and Author of Urdu books.publish by Ali Mian Publisher.The author says about the name of this story is Gazi Part 2, Online Urdu library.

Waldain Ka Maqam o Martaba By Khalid Mahmood

والدین کا مقام و مرتبہ

  مولانا خالد محمود

Waldain Ka Maqam o Martaba

Waldain Ka Maqam o Martaba (Birral Waldain) By Imam Muhammad Tartooshi and translation by Abu Al Hassan Maulana Khalid Mahmood, Urdu Islamic PDF books free online reading or download.This is Islamic Parents rights book.Read in this book some topic here, life and death of Imam Tartooshi, Sing of nature, Maan ka Rutba,travel for business and Education,neighbourhoods rights,relative rights in Islam,Question and Answer,meaning of long age,human rights in Islam, Mother and Father rights, read more click below link download pdf file.

Awaz e Dost by Mukhtar Masood

آوازِ دوست

مختار مسعود

Awaz e Dost by Mukhtar Masood

Free Download Pakistan history pdf book and read on the internet  Awaz e Dost  by Mukhtar Masood. A Book work in history and philosophy of the production of Pakistan. Mukhtar Masood brings into this newsletter his shut commentary of the years of upheaval previous the partition of India and the tip of the Victorian rule.Mukhtar Masood is a Pakistani Urdu creator and bureaucrat. A graduate from Sir Syed's Muslim university Aligarh, he migrated to Pakistan after independence. The books detail the movements, forces, people, and strategies that lead to the construction of Pakistan.


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